ATTN :: Phil Baroni !!!

Knock Frank Shamrock out for me, so I can win twenty dollars and, so you can trade in that buick for Infinady ( Infiniti g35 ), or da BEEMA ( BMW ).

HaHa ^^

My car windows don't work either and I got them fixed once and I will be damed if I pay to have the same thing fixed.


I feel ya Phil.


I will


Phil B

^ phil is HERE. No mo tumble weeds

he's talking sh*t that you backed out. Please end shamcocks career, pleeeeease!!


All of the clips have something in common for the most part: they are from the last millenium?

Frank was great at that point, and he did stand out in a point in MMA history wherein the competition was very much one-dimensional.

He had his place for sure.

Now he is just an insulated elder fighter who needs to continue marketing himself in order to rake in the cash.

Unfortunately that requirement of his has crossed paths with another trend / attribute; he likes to let his ego control his lips, which in turn has led to this confrontation with Baroni.

Frank will hopefully expose him.