Attn: Pisand

Check out the Attn: Adam LaClair thread on the bjj forum. He may be interested in making some instructionals with Matee.

Thanks for the lead TRL. This would be cool to explore.


Please shoot me an email to

I too think this would be cool to explore. :-)


TRL - thanks for the hookup bro


You've got mail Adam. Thanks again TRL.


Glad I could help. If this goes through it would be a good idea to put a post up on the forum for input.


Wrote back to you, never got a reply. Did you get my message? If you can, please give me a call at 802-535-5744.

Adam LaClair

Adam - You've got mail.



Pisand how did the talks go with Adam? Will Matee and Adam be working together on some projects?

My turn to followup. We'll be heading up to Matee's for training and fights soon and hope to get him interested.



Still waiting to hear back on this. Stephan recently had a new addition to his family, so I think he's got his hands full.  :-)

Yes, that and I'm on 12 weeks medical leave. Let the good times roll ;)

Oh, and we just moved the camp to a new location.

Just a delayed a bit.

I have some ideas for this series.

1) Footwork, Footwork, Footwork anything and everything about Footwork.

2) The Clinch, Elbows and Knees offense as well as defense.

3) How to throw the Thai kick without get KOed by a one two combo. How to KO someone throwing the Thai Kick with a one two combo. See recent Zentsov and Fisher MMA fights to see what I am talking about.

4) The elbow Anderson Silva used in his recent MMA fight for the KO how to throw it and defend if it is thrown at you.

5) How to throw and use the lead leg Thai Kick to break your opponents rhythm and set up boxing combinations. See Arlovski MMA fights.

6) Preassure, Angles, Combinations, Blocking and Countering.

7) Drills and Timing.

8) Muay Thai for the rules in Thailand including elbows (no headgear or pads), MMA and Self defense.

Yep. Totally get what you're saying. One of the things lacking in a lot of instructionals is full muayThai and I really think the concept of mt for MMA and simple self-defense is a good point.

Since you are familiar with the Muay Thai instructionals currently on the market you and Matee could probably fill in the gaps and cover what they skiped, missed or left out. ttt.