ATTN: Promoters, We need more of


Skip Hall is an amazing athlete and he is great for MMA.  Any event he fights in not only promotes that event but he also promotes every MMA fighter.  Skip is the "People's Fighter" and we just can't get enough of him in our sport. 

He's experienced, he's a sportsman and he's a fantastic athlete.  I speak for a lot of people when I say, Skip needs to fight. 

I guarantee you, if you sign him, you won't be disappointed.  Most likely you'll be resigning him. 


ttt for Skip Hall!

We have had Skip in to fight. And he was all that you said. Skip is a great guy. Give Skip a chance to fight you won't be sorry!!!!!!!

Skip Hall should check out

TTT for Skip Hall a credit to the sport and it was an honour to meet him

Thanks guys!


TTT for more promoters to see this and sign Skip

ttt for skip!

ttt for skip

TTT for Skip!!!

TTT for Skip... more exposure needed.  He deserves all he gets.


TTT for skip! I hope I look like him when I'm 60

Thanks Jet,

I'm still trying to get some fights into 2005 that I have a possibility of a fair fight. I'll take any fight against someone close to my size, of course age doesn't matter since there isn't anyone close to my age fighting currently. The oldest guy I've fought in the past 5 or more years had just turned 30.

I try and be in shape for my opponent and not in just good shape for me at my age because my opponent doesn't care how old I am once we start throwing down - trust me they hit me just as hard as they do younger guys! And, I try and do the same.

Again, Thanks for the props and if anyone is interested PLEASE email me at I'm not expensive and I will definitely come in shape and ready to bang. The fans usually like me and I try to put on a good show for them and talk with them before and after the fight.

Skip H.

I've seen Skip fight and he comes to play!

His post is spot-on.


It's a privilage to post for you... you deserve the chances to fight -- and anything that anyone can do to help you out is important.  I've got your back, as you can see, and I'll continue to help you out anyway I can. 



Have any offers been made to/for Skip yet? 

Let's get him some fights.