"I train with his brother, next time I see him I will get him to post."

thanks bro , Justin told me once his brother is a BJJ teacher. Please dont forget to tell him to email me.

best wishes Hugo and thanks again

Gave Justine's brother your information and he will pass it on to him.


I'm Hugo From Portugal, me and Justin become great friends about 3 years ago,i'd like to email him but his last email( doesnt work anymore.
If his brother could tell him i need to talk with him i aprecciated.

my email:

Hugo I gace Justins brother your contact details, maybe due to Xmas he has been a bit busy but I will remind him again


Hey Hugo,

Long time no speak...I will e-mail you once I get back to work after the NEw YEar break.

My hotmail account lapsed. E-mail me at work

I'm still in London (working and drinking too much, but almost no training). I hope you are still well.

Catch up soon.