ATTN; RichDalton

Hello Rich, you asked me a question on another thread and I have E-mailed you a response via your MMA.TV account. Please enjoy and feel free to respond or call me.

Guys please help keep this thread up. and heres a little incentive and my way of saying thanks in advance.

TTT Jon Weidler

Guys, thats Tera Patrick... A TTT would be appreciated. Thanks, Jon


I thought that was Doolins Girlfriend ! Whattup.

58 hits and only 2 guys TTT this for me? WTF, Im giving you a smoking hot Saigon whore, who lives in a van down by the river!!!!! And, I can't get any love?

TTT this damn it! Thanks in advance, Jon


TTT for a man that knows how to get results.


That chick would be lucky if Doolin Dalton gave her the time of day.

"The name is Dalton, Doolin Dalton"

It's like she's lookin right at me, such a dirty girl.
Keep it at the top guys, Gracias.

I'll show ya how.... TTT Thanks, Jon

I agree with Primo, Jon seems to know how to get the job done.

Thanks a lot man, I just read the email. Appreciate the info, I might have to give you a call real soon.

Your all right, Tera would be lucky if I let her walk down the street with me. LOL

Doolin ,

Now that youre an mma star , should be no problem !!

Any time Rich, you've got my direct number. Any questions feel free to shoot me a call. Train hard and stay healthy. Jon TTT one more time for Tera.

HKP, of course it's no problem, I was saying SHE would be lucky. Of course I am just kidding though.

Thanks again Jon.