attn:Rob Kahn-guard question

Hello Rob,

I have seen you compete a couple of times and have noticed you have an awesome guard. Are you very flexibile?? Is strong flexibility important for having a good guard??

I dont have great flexibility. Decent, not great. I think Flexability helps but I dont think you NEED it.

thanks for the compliment.

Rob K

Thanks for the answer Rob.

Your humbleness is only surpassed by your skill.

hey rob...i used to train with you back in 96 in torrance...what are you and your buddy john burk up to these days...did you guys get your blackbelt yet?

Rob should have gotten his Black Belt a while ago...for now he just tortures the Brown's...


Which fighter/competitor's guard do you admire?


Rob will tell you that Baret Yoshida has the best guard out there. hands down.

Realy Yoshida is that good in the guard.

don't know if that is a question or a statement, but either way, the answer is YES. Yoshida is that good w/ his guard. Baret that is.

Baret or Nino IMO have the best guards i have seen. fluid, smooth and always attacking. they are my favorite guard players

Rob K

double post

BJJDNA - who are you ?

Burke is doing great, he opened a school in Orlando. WE are both Brown belts.

TTT for Rob Kahn!!!!


i am and burke used to whoop on me all the time as blue belts...glad to hear you two are doing so well...freakin royce needs to give you guys your black belts

i gave up the bjj for law school but i still roll every once in a while

you are out of law school now, get your ass back on the mat!!!lol


i'm buggin'. can't wait til i get my black and peace out on this 9-5 shit.