Attn Rodney Re Body rip

In thailand at the moment training and i used a body rip (left hand) sparring and they said i should never ever do it (they almost got angry at me). They said i would get kneed for doing it.

Now i know Thai's dont exactly have the best handskills, but what are your thoughts on it. U must have encountered somethign similar in your 30 trips to thailand! (plus i saw and felt your left rip)

Thanx in advance

Hey Liam, sup bro? So you didn't manage to stop by Singapore for
a visit eh :-) Where in Thailand are you training now?

LEMon: Good question. You should post it on Rodney's new forum:


In samui at the moment, found a good camp. One of the coaches coached a guy who beat the famous Fujiwara, so i'm in good hands.

Kon i didnt get to stop by, thai airways dont liek to negotiate. I'm trying to get back early to enroll in uni but they arent very helpful. U wanna come up to samui? haha

Koh Samui?!?! How did you end up there?

I'll be in Bangkok in early March again, you gonna be around still?


Dud u receive my e-mail recently?

Mark Stewart


Yeah I did. I just got back from a business trip in India and have been swamped with work since :-( Will get back to you soon!


He Liam,
Well that's one of the reasons why I moved away from Muay Thai as my sole base as I don't agree with everything they say. I have actually knocked thai fighters out while in Thailand with body shots so it we can debate what to do and not to do in Muay Thai.

I think within the rules they use, it may make sense for them not too use it. As you mentioned their boxing skills are often really not up to standard at the best of times.So their conclusion is based on who they are training with.

I have had some of the old school Thai fighters coach me body shots and I have worked them with Apidej so it depends on the school and the coach.

Right now I train Muay Thai for the tie-up position, rear roundkick, elbows and knees and that's about it.
You just need to train with these guys and take what works for you. I like the body shot and work it, that is why I am good at it.....the rest is obvious!



*Me Ph34rZ Rodney's Body shot*


Where I train Muay Thai they work the push kick a lot for defending kicks/punches. Where does the push kick work into your stand-up set?

Rodney dont mistake my Q for implying the bodyshot doesnt work!!! I seen and felt yours and know it does. I like using it myself. In an MMA context u dont really see it used and it baffles me, guess the reason is the lack of good boxers in mma really.

Just soemthign i found curious. Did you also find that thais have a lack of abiltity to think outside the box?generally obviously) Giodaaaaaamn their clinch is awesome though.