ATTN: Rogan and other Staphers.

We were talking about staph on my gyms forum and one of the students is a podiatrist and a really knowledgeable person.

He mentions there is a new strain coming around.

Here is what he posted.

Most staph aureus is easily treated however a more resistant form called methicillin resistant staphyloccoccus aureus (MRSA) has become increasing prevalent. This used to be limited mainly to institutions like hospitals, nursing homes and group homes but it is seen increasingly as a community acquired pathogen. MRSA, as the name suggests, is resistant to penicillins, semi-synthetic penicillins and cephalosporins. It has to be treated with vancomycin, sulfa or a relatively new antibiotic called Zyvox.

And it gets worse:

Vancomycin intermediate staph aureus (VISA) is starting to show up. Although not completely resistant to vancomycin it is a pathogen that is much harder to eradicate with that drug.

As has been suggested previously in this thread, wash your self and your gi and don't roll with anyone giving off a smell that is not readily identifiable. (OK - I added that last part but it is sound advice)

i think kirik has it right in wearing scuba suits in all situations. never can be too safe.

I thought I had MSRA at one point. Very lucky I didnt.

I had ring worm and because of the meds I was taking I actually killed the ring worm...but because my skin was really dried out a new rash formed in the same area and traveled down the side of my leg.

Got new meds and it went away in like 2 days. But my dermatologist mentioned MSRA and said its been giving everyone headaches because of how hard it is to get rid of, and how it can be fatal.

I thought it was funny that Lotramin gave me a rash when it was supposed to prevent one instead.