Attn:Rolling Bear/Professor

big it up fa matt and aaron!!

congrats on da blue belt.


btw, did perosh hand out the belts ... or were they given courtesy of someone else?


yeah!!! congrats to Matt and Aaron!!
Aaron, I expected you to be swanning around the uni on Monday?!?

Well done boys, you deserved it. Great guys but shit grapplers

Damm out loud again

Congratulations Aaron!! Well deserved indeed...Ed

Good work boys!!

congrats again to the boys!

if you were there vic, you'd know that yours truely handed out the belts...oh the power, mwahahaha!! :p

...though I did take advantage of anthony being there for BRACCA HQ's grand opening (along with some other very handy coloured belts) and made the two gentlemen in question run the gauntlet of pretty colours to get theirs.

ttt til I get a pic of rolling bear and the professor downing the ceremonial post-grading blue cruisers!!

matty handing out belts - the bracca world domination plan has began!

hey matt, with regards to belts. as a purple belt, must you seek someone of a higher degree (ie. brown/black) to sanction the belts you hand out.


i'm within my rights to dish out blues as I see fit...and will probably do so like its going out of fashion! :p