Hey guys... I just got a great summer employment position with the trucking company i work for. I will be working 3 nights a week in Belleville and making more money per hour than i did before (time to pay off some debt and get some seniority). Unfortunately, this means that i will not be able to train at RONIN on a consistant basis until august when i go back to my old position. Id like to thank all the guys at RONIN for helping me out this year (Ben, Wade, Jamie, Damien, Ron, Ryan, Dan,Sean, Mark, Stephan, Jay, Julien, Myk, Nick, Terry, etc, etc) you are all awesome. I cant wait until i get back to train in mid-late august and work with you guys again.
Mr. Greg Compton, ill be in kingston staying with my brother for the days im not working, can you send me an email, id like to come train with you while im in town.
Thanks again everyone at RONIN, cant wait to get back. Ill be stopping by every now and then when i can make it. Keep me updated on all your progress.


Belleville, dude, that's my old stomping grounds.

LUCKILY, kingston isn't that far from there lol

Hope to see you soon, i'll email tomorrow.

Check out the club website

TTYL, Greg Compton

TTT to Yan...

Hey bro you are a great guy!!

I will see you soon!!

Take care!

Ben Meireles

hey IanX, im from bellevegas and train at gladiators. I stay after work on fridays to train but make the trip on sundays to train, if you want to car pool let me know maybe we can work something out!

email me at


Hey Ian,

It was a pleasure having you train with us.  Keep in shape so you can train hard when you get back!


Ronin MMA

sure thing wade, im going to be wrestling with the kingston club here at a local highschool and hopefully check in with the gladiator guys and maybe do some jiu jitsu in town as well. Ive got a lot of free time only working 3 nights a week. Ill be back at ronin and in shape in no time haha take care.

Cool man....have a good summer, and don't be a stranger if you're in town...

see you in august....