ATTN:Ronin MMA guys, day training?

Dear hookie,

You were once decent as you lowered my rent, but now you got greedy and raised it (I know I know you only work for them). As far as I know, I am the only one who lives that close to the gym.

Doesn't seem like anyone is up for training before 10am, why don't you drop in on Saturdays. You can show up this Saturday like Xader then go with him to see TKO after.

can you please not use the term
super duper again.

I am working this Saturday until 4 and am leaving for Montreal right after work... work 2 out of 3 Saturdays

FP No I'm not..I haven't been training, maybe in the spring. Well if there is early birds I don't mind being there at 5:30am (I'm not joking)Lofty just go there straight from work. I'm heading out to TKO around 3pm does anyone have tickets ???

lol@super duper

I swear it wasn't said with a lisp

What you meant to say was: Thuper Duper!

Baldy, let me know your time on Friday (5th) and Monday (8th) because I took those days off. Call me from the gym when you are there, since you too cheap to get a real phone. What's with Zeller boy lately not showing up?

Fight Music, I hear you interview went really well... should have you in the office real soon, god help everyone! we can go work out for an hour and ahlaf then take on the real fun ones


Give my bonch a hickey.

time to rumble!


Fight Music... let me guess, the ronin resident loud mouth? Darlin' Arlen?

As for hmeboy's bonch, I don't think we have time for a search party.

Fashion Police, do you have long hair?

Bingo. HAve fun with TKO in Montreal. Last time I sat next to a guy who was smoking some good stuff, he was kind enough to share.

I am up for 8 or 8:30 spoke with Chuck last night and he is in for mornings too

What time would anyone want to train this Tuesday March 3rd? Im working here at the prison till 7pm but I could make an Ottawa workout for 9:30 after a Starbucks stop off.

hmeboy I work with an old partying buddy of yours nicknamed cuuj?? (sp). I would train with Xader at 5:30 am anyday he has mad skills.

email me if you want at ComptonGC@CSC-SCC.GC.CA for work addy or

I have been gone to long nned to get back and see you guys.

ttyl, Greg Compton, Kingston Ontario

"I am up for 8 or 8:30 spoke with Chuck last night and he is in for mornings too "

Liddell?? Sweet!

"hmeboy I work with an old partying buddy of yours nicknamed cuuj??"

cuuj?? *shrugs*

what's his real name

Mark I will call you tomorrow. When do you want to start morning " wake up" sessions

Hey hmeboy

His real name is Darren Maracle, and he's an officer at the penetentiary with me.

So it's Tues morning 8:30?? can I confirm If anyone would be there and willing to train say 9:30 Tue morning? I wont be able to leave work till 7:15, hit 401 by 7:30. I'll ahve to sleep in my car till the evening class.

email me or post back

ttyl, Greg Compton

hey guys, I'm work-training this week during days, so no morning Jits/MMA for me. ONLY this week, though.

Greg, I probably know him, I just can't think right's too damn early :-(

Cool. I believe I will ambush hmeboy Tues night for a chance to pick his brain on my no-gi game. Ron aka Baki you better show you little wussy. I shall break you!! J/K

ttyl, Greg