ATTN: Ryan G

hey I was looking thew some really old tapes I have and found a set of fights I have never heard anyone talk about. I was wondering if you knew the name of this event, and if you had even seen it. It looks to be from the 80's.

Maurice Smith vs Minoru Suzuki

Yoji Anjoh vs "The Little Elephant" (thats the guys nick name, he's a thai fighter thats been in K-1)

Akira Maeda vs a USA wrestler.

Chris Dolman, and Dirk Leon Fry (sp?) were also on this card.

Anyone know anything about this?

I just talked to Ryan and he's at work now. I'll make sure he see's this thread.

It's a UWFI event

I think it's actually just a UWF event,not UWFi.Changpeuk Kiatsongrit is the name of the fighter who fought Anjoh,iirc.

sorry,I get the two of them mixed up.I thought they were somehow affiliated

They are,sort of.I'm sure you know the whole UWF split.UWFi,Pancrase,Rings.

Sounds like a compilation tape of some type.

Maurice Smith and Suzuki fought in Pancrase early 90's.

Akira Maeda has been with the original UWF and Rings. His American Wrestling opponent was probably either Gene Lydic or Dennis Kozlaski.

Kiatsongrit is the Thai fighter that fought Anjoh.

Chris Dolman (former World Sambo Champion) and Dick Vrij (sometimes referred to as Dick Fly) were both early Rings fighters.

Pancrase and RINGS from 1993.

Those are the shows that got me into MMA in the first place : )

no its not a compilation. Its all from the same event.

They show some clips of the guys training for the event. Funaki was supposed to fight, but he broke his arm (while bench pressing the weights fell on him and broke his arm)

Willie Wilhelm!

UWF was so great. Backlund vs Takada 4evr.

yep thats it.

Thanks Jumbo Red.

Were the fights real?