** Attn: saucylv33 **

At your earliest convenience, can you e-mail me at joe@showdown.ca

I'd like to ask you a few questions, some of which I believe only you may be able to address.


Joe Ferraro


Saucy's a ninja!


making ninja moves and ninja noises


She is too busy in Zuffa's kitchen.

Cooking up awesome PPV's I hope!

Just wait to you try the seven layer bean dip.

Beth loves Mexicans.

I like burritos.

makes a run for the border

Actually, I don't cook however I really do make an excellent seven layer dip. Big hit at parties!

Damn, now I really do want taco bell.

BSF...my apologies for not asking for your permission nor getting the 'okay' to contact Saucy.

The problem is, she replied. That in turn is an issue within your own organization. Please speak with Saucy and not me as it is obvious she has gone above you to see the light...:)

Seriously, thanks Saucy for the response and the help. I've responded to your requests as well.

Again, thank you for your time.

BSF...carry on.

prepares for BSF

I went through the proper channels for permission.