Attn: Seth Petruzelli

From a Mental Floss blurb about Kid McCoy:

"But McCoy's lowest blow? In 1893, when he fought a deaf mute. Toward the end of the fourth round, McCoy simply dropped his gloves and walked back to his corner as though the bell had sounded when the deaf fighter turned to do the same, McCoy ran over and knocked him out."

You have a chance to go down in MMA history, make it happen!

I wonder if he can snap his fingers hard enough to get the KO a pistol shrimp.

Nice....Good ole Seth facial expression says it all...;)



TH0001- I'll introduce you to him.

He is not blind though, and does read the internet.

Good luck SETH , hope you prevail. YOu come to scap, should be exciting.

When is this fight happening?

although I dislike Matt hes boring, That is fucked up what was said and the snap shit th001 that shit is not kool... my bro is deaf I know how hard that shit is for him to try and fit in when he cant hear shit.... u guys should kick back on talking shit unless u know how it is...

bwahahahahaa.....that's funny as hell...

What about the guy who cold-cocked Helen Keller?

Dear God, I shouldn't have laughed but I spit up a lot of of red Bull on my key board.  I then sent that to everyone I know.