You trained real hard tonight you said you are going to and you did congr u can rest for a week now after that hard wokout haha

no autograph. you keep my book clean for me... get it autographed next time Pee Zhay ok?

Its not his fault Dan, I swear, its not his fault!

ya eddie bravo Ha HA Hu Ha

no this is garcia hahahhah no jj im the man that beat garcia hahahah

thanks for reminding IBS was in full force and i was on the can for about 4.5 hours straight --- it was awesome training

Ha Ha Ha Can Hu Ha Hu Ha Eddie Bravo Yeah Ah Ha Ha Ha

Eddie Bravo? Isn't that the guy who lost 15-0 to Leo Vieira???

Ya it is he looked good i that he got a point but ref just missed it haha