I got one guy ready to turn pro and 2 or 3 on the verge. You know how we do. Let's make something happen. I'll even do a seminar at your school if you can help my guys get pro fights in the midwest. I'll bring ammies, too.

- AgedCaviar AKA DaveGarcia


Dave!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hows it going man! I give up promoting when Indiana went to new laws for ammys. Several guys check in here that promote, give em a yell!

BTW, I still dont get the dars choke you showed. LOL

Thanks for the reply. Pm me with some names and contact info. We are ready to move ahead but I'd prefer my guys get ammy experience in other states rather than fight someone that they may train with next month or next year. I'll do a D'Arce choke YouTube video one of these days. If you don't get it, I messed up somewhere. Sometimes I teach too fast. Phone Post


Thanks, Joel. If you know any promoters who do pro-ams in Indiana (which I assume you must) please let me know who and how to get in contact with them. I got one guy who's 8-0 and ready to turn and a few that are getting real close.