ATTN: "Snake-a-maniacs"!!

Hello all, I competed last evening in Portland,Oregon on Randy Couture and Matt Lindland's Sportfight show in the Rose Garden. First off, any fighter who is looking to get some exposure in the US should definetly get in touch with Matt.His show was run down to a T and all the fighters were paid properley on time,no BS, and it was in a great venue as well.
On to the fight... I fought James "birddog" Birdsley from Jeremy Horns camp in Utah. I dont want give the exact PBP, but it was a great fight in which I have never landed more elbows and knees to somebody ever. He had my back for most of round 2 and almost had a RNC, but I escaped and pounded his head till the end of the round.In the 3rd he took me down and I slapped on a fight-ending armbar in which he spit his mouth guard and bit the inside of my hamstring. His teeth marks were there and I thought at first he had drawn blood,turns out I had busted his nose with an upkick earlier, ref saw the bite marks and DQ's him. Shitty way to end a great fight,but He isnt a bad guy.Desperate times call for desperate measures I guess.Hopefully someone posts this fight somewhere soon cause its a gooder.

Many Thanks to:Everybody at RFT for helping me get prepped and to Bill and Rob for all their tireless efforts.Last, but definetly not least, my sponsors

Impact Fight Gear

Milani Auto Sales

Dr.Navi Badesha, ND

Epic Management

Thanks to all..

Nice work Blake. Looking forward to you coming out in July.

lol! exactly what Dave meant too

Loaf is a Snake a Maniac. He is currently in therapy to correct the situation.

heheh,that didn't sound right....

blake, did it hurt and is it ok to walk? that guy should get a suspension r something

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Oh it hurt alright,but am/was able to walk after.I thought it was way worse originally cause there was a lot of blood on my leg from his broken nose,but on closer inspection his teeth didnt actually pierce the skin but his teeth marks are still on my leg.Im not sure what exactly will happen,but Im not gonna push for anything.

Good job Blake!!!

legalize biting!!