Attn: Sojourner

Llewellyn Sinclair: "If you have set out to push the bile to the tip of my throat...mission accomplished."


I was driving down highway 115 today, with my three kids(11, 9, 5). They are all good singers, and we were taking turns singing songs, while the others sang along backup. Good fun, with some country standards, classic rock, pop and,(swallows deeply) hip hop.

Well, in a quiet moment, for some reason, I started in with....."Throwing you, throwing me, aaah!" And then started giggling to myself. My oldest daughter, turned to me with a furrowed brow, and concern in her voice, and said "What are you doing Dad?" I pulled it together, and said, "oh nothing honey."

I quietly cursed you, my friend. lol


My kids starting calling me "judodork" at an early age when I did things like that.  Looks like you're on the same road, if you're not already there


Yeah, but is there something I can do? Some sort of therapy? I have very little interest in being a dork.
Well....any more of one, as the case may be. lol

My main point....those alternate lyrics are hilarious.