Attn: Spartan Promoter

Can you clear up a rumor about the 4 man submission comp this weekend, I heard that Alex Priates(sp?) was replacing Noke as the fourth guy?

What is the offical line up?


IU believe Kerry covered this on 15 Sep in the thread "SPARTAN 11 LINEUP"

4 man Super Submission Series featuring- Matt cooper, Kyle Noke, Darren McKean, Rodney Ellis

Checked it out, thank you for the information.


Partway through that thread, I believe he mentioned Alex was in.

Matt Cooper, Ryan Deme, Darren McKean, Rodney Ellis

Are these the guys that going in?

Hey MMAKing. Alex couldn't make weight so Ryan Deme has stepped in with Rodney Ellis, Darren Mc Kean, and Matt Cooper.

Here is the official line up for Saturday:

Fight 1. (88kg) Josh Robson (Rockhard) v Brad Harcourt (Shindo gym)
Fight 2. (80kg) Hector Lombard (Cuba) v Michael Grunindike (Damashi Bris.)
Fight 3. (80 -118kg) Andrew Devitt (FAFC .Melb) v Big Jim (Shindo gym)
Fight 4. (65kg) Eddie Button (Spartan Syd) v Steve Gillinder (Rings TWB)
4 Man Super Submission Tournament featuring –
Matt Cooper, Rodney Ellis, Ryan Deme and Darren McKean
Fight 5. (62kg) Kasey Murdoch (Streetsmart) v Fiona Attig (Tao Wu Shin)
Fight 6. (90kg) Matt Trihey (Underworld Melb.) v Dion Crouch (Zero Tolerance NZ)
Fight 7. (80kg) John Veluri (Extreme gym Perth) v Kelly Jacobs (Rings Bris)

Fight 8. (90kg) Brandon McDowell (Texas, Relson Gracie BJJ) v Sam Nest (Rings)

Thanks Kerry

Devitt you crazy prick

Doesn't Andrew Devitt have supernatural help in his fights?

Go Dion!!!!!

Very best of luck to Matt Trihey, Andrew Devitt and Matt Cooper!!!!


hey kerry
am i take pics at your show i email you but got nothing back ???

Devitt had BIG BIG Balls

Cobras, I like your use of "had"... ;-)