ATTN: Specwar

Hey man,

I've tried like 4-5 times over the last month to email you at and I never hear a reply. I just sent you the 5th a couple of days ago, I also have the emails saved to show you.

The situation was that I ran out of shorts and emailed you back in early may, then mid may, then late may, and then just a couple of days ago, to let you know and to see if you wanted a refund, and later, to see if you wanted a partial refund and the balance towards a shirt as per your emails in regards to wanting a shirt. However, I never heard back at any of these times.

Do you have a working email that mail can be sent to? Thanks.






now THAT is customer service.

Thanks I got your email dude!

I got my order - Paul & TXMMA are THE BOMB! Props to a quality merchant!