Attn. Sprawl Co.

Does anyone know when Sprawl is going to start selling shorts again? Mine have been on backorder for a month ( there are 61 pairs of the same size/style backordered). Just wondering, I'd like to wear them sometime.

lol...damn bro that sucks...i don't order from sprawl b/c i'm really lanky and they fit me really wierd...i go with TAPOUT!!!

We apologize for the long wait. Our new stock is arriving today and we will get it unloaded and ready to ship by the end of the week. It may take until the beginning of next week to ship your order as we have a number of people waiting.

We will do the best we can and again we sincerely apologize. There are a few design improvements in our latest round of shorts which added to the delay, but we are confident they will be worth the wait.

Thank you.
Steve Marino