Attn Stephan

Stephan, this is matt hamilton from Arkansas. Years ago you trained with us while you were in firefighter school. I have meant to post and say hello to you for years and just havent done it. Take care and i hope life is treating you well and if you are ever this way please stop in to train again. By the way have you ever gotten your Black Belt yet?


Hi Matt

Good to hear from you!  I enjoyed my (brief) visit to your school all 6 years ago, and I appreciated the hospitality.  If you or Danny are ever in Vancouver you've got a place to stay and a place to train.  I am still a few stripes short of my black belt - all in good time.

Say hi to Danny and the 2 bluebelts I rolled with when I was there (I forgot their names, unfortunately).

Good luck in your competitive career

Stephan Kesting

Cooper was one, i forgot the other, im right there at the door for my Black as well. Coop is still a purple. By the way we still use those side choke variations you showed way back when. Take care, and you too my firend always have a place back in Arkansas.

good luck to you as well


Hey, try my new favorite variations of that choke (both are Erik Paulson specials).

1 - you are choking him with your left arm under his head and he isn't quite going out - pinch his nose with your right fingers: this cuts off just enough air to usually make him tap and make you snicker

2 - You are choking him with your left arm under his head and he is trying to turn in towards you - hook his far (left) leg with your right arm and drive him back onto his back.  Then keeping your arm under his leg put your hands together.  It's a sick hybrid of the off-side side choke and the wrestler's cradle.

You can always contact me at as well.


How about showing those variations (and more) in a future technique section on

I'd like to see the 2nd one.