Rat Pack Fighting Systems of Palmerton and James Simrell MMA of Scranton will be opening another location in the Stroudbsurg area within the next 2 months in an attempt to fill the current MMA void in that area.

We currently have instructors lined up for kcikboxing and traditional arts as well as Grappling but are actively looking for additional qualified instructors in BJJ, Grappling and/or Wrestling.

The Kickboxing program will be oveerseen by Edward Arner and the grappling program will be overseen by James Simrell as this new location, as with our current location (along with Reality Martial Arts of Quakertown, PA) will be part of the Simrell MMA Association.

If anyone on this forum is interested in becoming part of this project, please give us your contact info and we will get in touch with you asap.




try to go east if you can! It's the much better stroudsburg.