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Rather than destroy the COUTURE thread I thought I post this here in rebuttal of your views...

taphere, or is it Joe or perhaps Michael?

My point is that NHB has to rise to the level of XFC prior to taking it to another level. The footy show is an awesome haul, kudos to you for that!!

Having the viewers that it does and a HUGE portion probably being young ethinic Australians in Melbourne I know this will do the show wonders. Should have you paid for COUTURE to come here your return will be seen through that alone. Randy is a legend to MMA and a fantastic person too!

To date SPARTAN has used Chris HASEMAN a UFC veteran and I have used the likes of BONELLO (4 time world champion inc. KOTC), Joey VILLASENOR (#1 ranked KOTC 185lb) and Dan 'Freaking' SEVERN!!! Not to mention the bulk of the fighters you have used.

Jimmy AMBRIZ would have been a very good fighter to have by far the best international name on the show, however, that didn't pan out. Even it did Jimmy AMBRIZ is nowhere enar what Dan SEVERN is.

NHB is progressing and I enjoyed the fights last time, I always enjoy any MMA event I goto. Show 3 is bigger and I have no doubt you will get bigger again. Your 'MONSTER' is a big haul and I know full well who it is. Ironic that you mention
"integrity, honesty with fans (no worked fights and other bullshit)" in light of your latest aquirement! I have no doubt the statement was directed at me as was at the NHB2 pre fight events. Trust me at an XFC weigh in I dont sit their wasting my breath trying to tell the fighters why we are above other organisations.

On "intergrity and honesty" one thing I will highlight is at an XFC event the referee, judges and officials are all impartial. A classic example of what any promoter must try and avoid was highlighted when Kieran fought Colin CROSBY with Officials including Larry, Cameron and Paul CALE (Keirins trainer at 1 point) as a judge. I personally saw the fight as being super close, skipped to the toilet and missed a bit, so I cant say it was a bad decision, however, the potential for corruption is enormous.

Another point is the matching of ones own fighters on ones own event. Travers GRUBB is the classic example. Dominated Kelly JACOBS and then has a return fight against a guy that kelly destroyed in under 2 minutes. Unethical matchmaking for my mind is exactly the same as working matches. You have a predetermined outcome with a political agenda, just some poor can gets really hurt.

I am sure this show will step up in production value, the previous show I attended really offered very little in the way of "VEGAS Glitz" you claim is being offered. BUFFER is a great haul & would lead one to believe who it is NHB are looking to align with, I truelly hope that pans out for all the fans. On that we flew HESTER here and as we see that has put BONELLO, Soa, Steve THOMAS & Danny HIGGINS on the cover of Grappling and HUGE content.

In closing business is business and everyone here can be well aware that from day 1 I did nothing but try and help NHB through John extending fighters and my full database where he now gets fighters from. Until my trip to melbourne I believed my relationship with John was one of friendship & excellent, I had nothing but respect for him.


An unfortunate incident being the conflict of Sam NESTS XFC contract to fight GRIFFIN and the perosh match led to total degeneration of the relationship I had with NHB. That is unfortunate, however, remember -

*It was Justin/XFC that extended Kym ROBINSON who was 0-1 to fight the local TRIHEY who surely filled a LOT of seats.There could have been half a dozen tougher options that I could have had in that match, however, realising Matt's viability in melbourne suggested Kym.

*suggested Kelly for Travers and facilitated that match.

My statements are not to incite a dick waiving competition. We are both making huge progress, competition is healthy it will see the fans and fighters being the major winners.

The card features superb domestic matching and will be a great fan friendly event. I believe that to date XFC has offered far better international fighters and far superior production values (from day 1). I have no doubt yours will rise as you guys are progressing nicely, rememberring this is only show 3.

As mentioned before healthy competition will see everyone get ahead. The fans and fighters will be the main winners. For that and the sport I wish the show well!



Let's move from an MMA show pissing contest to State vs. State... ;-)

The ONLY thing I don't like about big MMA shows in Melbourne (apart from not being able to get to them easily) is that Victorians have always carried on as if Melbourne is the martial arts capital of Australia, and this may just be enough to make them think they rule the MMA roost too. I hope 'they' realise that Queensland has the runs on the board, and they're only just padding up...


The multiculturalism of Melbourne and sheer mass make it the most desirable city in Australia to promote in IMO. I also believe the climate makes it a good option. More people training as it is an indoor sport and more people attending fights as it is indoor. No summer sports as market competitors to thye extent we have.

Not to be racist at all, but the ethnecity is the main seller IMO.


... the Don King of Australia ...

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Justin, you've been spending a lot of time on here lately.

Don't make us tell your business manager on you...




Everything is in order re the next event :)


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Well, someone's got their knickers in a knot. I didn't see any personal attacks on XFC at all in my previous thread, but here you go and unload on the NHB Fightclub team and turn this into "WHO'S PROMOTION IS BETTER"... very childish mate, but if childish antics is what stirs your pot then hey, here's a dummy feel free to spit it.

Full credit for bringing out the like of Dan Severn to XFC... but I gotta admit, seeing Dan Severn in a fight which most everyone believes is a WORK doesn't impress me. If I want that I'll stay at home and watch WWE. How flying Dan Severn out to Oz and putting him in what everyone sees as a WORKED fight against an Aussie is beneficial is beyond me. I really hope other promotions don't have to erm... "rise"... to this level.

But hey, XFC has a great following -- heck even I enjoy the real aspects of it because I love the fight game period... and as you said, everyone will move ahead... but slagging off on other promotions on here, if that's what you're into, won't help the sport at all, especially when those in GLASS HOUSES shouldn't throw STONES. :)

Sounds to me like a bad case of cracking the shits very childishly cos someone else has come to use the swings in the school playground.

Fuck thats a long post Justin.

Perhaps rather than go with the 6 year old "you started it" try to rebutt some of the points raised?

You cry foul re SEVERN and WWE. Well chances are by the end of this month Dan aint gonna be the only ex WWE player to step inside an Aussie MMA ring if my info is correct re NHB'S "MONSTER".

I have not unloaded on anyone yet. I simply painted some facts that I felt I needed to air.


Whilst on rebuttals

This one first.....

"taphere, or is it Joe or perhaps Michael?"



This started because TapHere said "I think they will take Aussie MMA / NHB to that next level." (ie John and Joe)

He praised them and *thinks* they will do big things.

So what is there to take offence at?

This thread is unbelievably ridiculous.

"It was Justin/XFC that extended Kym ROBINSON who was 0-1 to fight the local TRIHEY who surely filled a LOT of seats.There could have been half a dozen tougher options that I could have had in that match, however, realising Matt's viability in melbourne suggested Kym."

Justin, would you please be able to just clarify this statment for me and why it was Robinson who was offered as an opponent for Trihey?

Each time I read it I can't help but see it as being a negative statment but I am well aware so much of what you take from a statment is personal interpretation and I don't want to jump to conclusions.

This is all fucked, there are what 3 to 4 main shows and this in a sport that is trying to get bigger and bigger. Look at other sports like boxing or kickboxing (many differnet promotions) think of the fighters, let them fight where they can so they get the experiance and drop the crap.

Also Justin does this do much for Kym to go on here saying you could have put tougher opponents in insteed of him? I have seen Kym fight twice and have talk with him on here and think he is a top guy and he won both fights i saw him in so whats not tough about him???

I thought that Kym was a great option for Matt. When I suggest6ed Matt John then rattled off some names. I viewed Kym as being a better matched opponent in light of matt's record. I could have put Nathan in who just beat Kym or Api who was bigger and stronger and more experienced.

Kym and I both realise his level was still very novice at that stage. Kym is a great young fighter, but he will be the first to admit he is far from being the best fighter in Australia at 93kg.


I think NHB1 and NHB2 were the best i've seen, oh yer thats right they are the only ones i have seen live.

Personly i think from what i have read on here and from talking to other guys is all three or four promotors are doing a very good job in promoting MMA here in Australia, i think its just a bit of ashame that they can't get together for the fighters benifit and get our Australian guys fighting as many times as they can and against other top opponents. Just using Bonello and Soa as exaples, they seem to hardly even work up a sweet in their fights (as they win so easy) so what is stopping them from fighting once a month to get the experiance and exposure. Is it politics?
Look at Tyson when he started, he was winning easy and fighting at least once and up to 3 times a month. He started of slow and go so much interest because he was Koing his opponents but i think it was more because he was Koing them so often. You guys probably can erase Tysons name and put in a Severn or Horn ect that you know alot about that i don't.
Also i see Dale Westerman fought (boxing)a very hard 3 rounds on Mundines undercard on the 5-5-04 and now i see he is getting back in the ring on the NHB3 card on the 20-5-04
I know its probably idealistic but let the fighters that want to fight fight and then and only then will Australian MMA really move the the next level!!!


XFC2 was a nightmare for me. Just one of those shows where things didn't come together with the matchmaking. Injuries etc.... Production wise it went OK ran a bit slow as I was really worried with only 7 matches.

I think the 1 overwhelming difference between XFC and the Spartan's and NHB shows to date are our production values. You would have noticed that after XFC1 Spartan tried to glitz it up a bit utilising a few of the things we had. This was noticed firstly at the weigh in with a more formal weigh in and further the interiews for the video. I haven't seen a NHB DVD yet but I would be pleasently suprised if the production is on par with ours. XFC3 was an incredible DVD IMO.

As for quality of fights I have seen hook n shoot shows that are ar better than a UFC. That does not make HnS the best market leader in the US. I really enjoy any MMA, but I believe people like me (and us) are really a very insignifigant sector of the market. XFC I believe caters to a much wider demographic than spartan. NHB are doing all the right things. I have always thought john has his finger on the pulse.

The future for all 3 will be bright. The XFC calander is by far the busiest but this is full time for me. I know Kerry and John are busy men with their Gyms, John with other endeavours too. I am unsure if this is Joe CURSIO'S full time gig? While XFC and NHB are both headed by a duo, Spartan is Kerry flying solo. Word on the street is that is about to change though ;) I look forward to seeing Spartan rise up a notch or two It'll keep me on my toes.


Justin, I was unaware you invented the idea of a formal weigh in and video interviews. I'm sure Kerry didn't mean to "steal" your idea :P To claim that XFC is the only show taking MMA in Australia to another level is delusional. Spartan has been around longer with shows being consistently good quality. The NHB show brings MMA to a new audience (Melbourne), something that can only be good for the sport. Each show has played its part in expanding the popularity of MMA in Aus. Very rarely do I speak to a local (Goldcoaster) who hasn't heard of Spartan etc.