$50 to any HG member who enters the Pac Sub Tournament and starts off in Horse Stance followed up by Monkey snatches the peach.  Anyone else wanna donate to the pot?

 Lets get a Pot going guys.  We could make one of those huge cardboards checks and present it to the winner.  Has to be a HGer who posts though.  No lurkers.  Lets get enough together so at least if they get DQ'ed they can get their entrance fee back.

I'll be a wise cracker and ask which horse stance? Monkey snatches peach can be a fireman's pick gone amiss. rofl

I second a growing pot on this. I make a good athletic supporter. lol

 to the OTM guys, not trying to fuck up the tournament or anything, just thought it would be funny to see.  ayla I'm not a kung fu guy so I wouldn't know the different types.  When I was little these 2 brothers who lived down the street from me where ninjas though.  Their master only came out to teach them on full moons.  They used to keep our neighborhood free of blood demons.

Do you have pics of these fighting stances?

There might be a chance I'll be back home for this tourny. If I can enter it, I'll do the monkey grabbing the peaches stance :o)