ATTN: TheRealJoker

sup man.....its Gomi from Socom 2

Do you and Yves still play.....I switched my name when S3 came out and I cant find Sudo or anybody

Get back at me..your S3 names would be appreciated



you might want to post your name as well.


How am i a nerd....... Yves, Gideon Ray and many others play Socom...but im the only 1 who is a nerd!?!?!? yeah ok


GenkiSudo still has the same name & he wants you to send him an invite. I actually warred with those guys last night.

Shpadoinkle- When do they get on....tell that fool i've been lookin all over for them since S3 1st came out but they are never on the same time i am

Me, Shpadoinkle, Genki Sudo and Gideon Ray all warred last night!!!

joker did u get the message i sent you on myspace

If I did I responded to you. Was it some fantasy football league?