Attn Tim!

Hey man just saw that your a trainee savate instructor. U heard about the seminar next week? Its either that or Frank SHamrock and i love this Savate shit...grrrr
Wonder if can get a private class or soemthing?


Hey mate,

yeah, definitely loving the Savate training! It's just a pain in the arse that Craig's all the way up on the Gold Coast. I managed to make it up there for a week back in August and he was really hospitable in looking after me and giving me as much training time as he could. I'm instructing a couple of people down here in Canberra, but it's really just between friends at the moment - maybe when I get a bit more experience I'll look to start regular sessions.

I know what you mean with the seminars! At least you get to pick one of them though - I've already arranged an all day b'day party for that weekend =p