attn: TKO

Hello Steph and crew,

I just wanted to throw a thought out.

The is a lot of public outcry for someone to sign Sean Sherk and there is a lot of public disappointment that the MMA world has ignored Jason Black to the verge of retirement.

I was thinking since you have had both in your event in the past, if you could match the two together, not only would it be a world-class match, but it would also be an olive branch to the MMA public.

TKO would be recognized internationally as an event that addresses the desires of the fans, and seeks to make the matches that the public want to see/buy.

Just thinking out loud.

Best of luck to the Crow tomorrow.

that would be a very boring fight.

I think Jason Black retired.


I can't say I completely disagree with you, but it's more a matter of giving people what they say they want. I think it would be some good PR for TKO.


I eluded to that in my original post. The retirement thoughts were basically a result of him not being able to make a living from it, depsite being thought of as one of the top fighters in the world.

I think this has the potential to be a fight to remember...wrong promotion tho


i remember when i saw the first "amature" mma fight Sean Sherk was in, (i have it on tape) i said he would do well in this sport, and look at him, almost undefeated....highly ranked, get him here!

speaking of which, what the hell ever happend to Fontinelli (sp?)...after their fight i never saw font again.

Sherk has gone into cabinet making though stating he can make more in a month there than he did fighting a whole year of MMA or something similar.

"speaking of which, what the hell ever happend to Fontinelli (sp?)...after their fight i never saw font again. "

Last I saw or heard of him was right after his fight with CROW. He had a rough go, he lost a few fights in a row, lost his mother, then got arrested for armed robbery in Brazil.

Overall he is a good kid and an exciting fighter. Id like to hear that he is doing well and staying out of trouble !