Attn: TwinkletoesCT


I know that you play a knee-in half guard game a lot, and that you like
to take the back from there by pushing their ear and waiting for their

Two questions about this game:

1) What is your basic response to him sprawling his legs back?

2) What is your basic response to him standing up?


Hi Matt,

Here are some answers:

1) When he sprawls, I remove my top leg and throw it over his back. I move my head and shoulders as far away as possible, and then I do a pushup and climb up on top. If he removes his arm (drags it himself), I will end up on his back. If he doesn't, I will end up in the mount.

2) If he stands up by pulling his upper body away, I switch to a single leg (from what people call the "sitting up guard" position). If he stands up by raising his hips, but his head is still nearby, I entangle his upper body (usually with an underhook or armdrag) and I switch to open guard by removing my bottom leg and placing my foot on his far hip.



that's a very interesting method of taking the back. a former classmate
of mine used to do something similar from his open guard. he would
take a tight two-handed grip on one of your arms pull like a motha to
break your posture down and forward, then he would swing his leg
over and "do a pushup" to take the back mount. as i recall it was very
difficult to stop once he had you broken down, and you had to give up
a very tight mount to stop him from taking your back.

Yeah, I'm starting to use that sweep from other guards too. The trick is the HUGE angle change with the head & shoulders. It rocks.