I'm mostly a grappler, and need to start working some striking. I boxed for two semester's in college, but only once or twice a week. So I have some grasp of the basic mechanics of boxing, but that's about all one could say for my striking ability. I want to start doing the NHB class at my BJJ school, but I'm not that crazy about getting hit in the face, so the defense minded CM approach appeals to me. I'm just wondering, which CM set would you recommend for someone with my background? Or could you just describe the differences between what the two DVD sets cover? (The one sold on your website, vs. the one on the SBG website.)

Thanks much for the help.


Go to

get the Rodney King 3 Tape Set and then from Rodney's site get Sparring 101

The CM system is awesome, easily taught and applied

Rodney is a great coach and innovator


Hey. Thanks for the recommendations, but what is your rationale for recommending those specific DVD's? I'm a bit short on cash right now, so I don't want to plunk down anymore than is necessary.

Thanks guys.


The 3 Tape series is the fundamentals of the CM System and the sparring 101 shows you the training progression Rodneys uses to teach the CM and some common areas that people have challenges with when sparring live.

Money well spent.


Thanks, dude. Any other opinions?




Check out :)

Very interesting, and very appealing for my cheap self.

Is this a 'complete' intro to CM? Or is this just stuff that people asked
him about in seminars? If it's not complete, does it show enough for
me to 'get started' with CM for a bit before I buy more tapes?

Thanks much,


Take a look at Street Boxing 1 which covers CM's new
innovations and Clinch Boxing 1, which shows you how
to get into the clinch from boxing. I think this is
great for someone who need to use the grappling base.

If you want an overview from CM to boxing, kicking to
knees and some cool drills the SBG series is awesome.

Shoot me a mail at if you need
some ideas or help for your class. i would be happy to

My sotre address is



You can't go wrong with any of Rodney's material


Right on...when I can scrape some cash together, I'll probably do that.

Thanks much for the help, man.


I cant reccomend the Standup & Clinch seminar highly enough!

Get that and the Sparring 101 DVD!


Sparring 101 is a awesome DVD.

"Sparring 101 is a awesome DVD"

This is true.