You are one popular man. You were recognized at the Toronto store. Plus some dude knows NOTLettuce. Popular, popular guys.

some dude

Wileys my downloading hero!!!

What can I say. I am a man of intrigue and awe inspiring character. How did this guy know me? I seem to have a fan base out there I never knew about. Soon I will have my own fan web page (LOL).

Seriously how did this guy know me, did he say?


I also owe my fan base to my secret handshake. Shaolin even got the secret handshake. It's catching on like crazy. My followers are now in becoming big in numbers.(hahahaha)

Why don't you ask him how he knows you. He goes by the name of mza on here. ahahhaha...Monsieur Wiley, you so crazy.

Hey superstar (Jay) I'm takeing Spencer to Glen eden Tuseday around 4:00 are you in let me know.

Iron Legs I have to work, but thanks for the offer. It should be a good night with the temperatures and all, being a little warmer than the last few weeks. Be sure to take your stuff as well.

MZA-Are you the purple belt that came in one day from Karma to Not Lettuce's Sunday morning class a month ago.

If you are thanks, for remebering my face in the PIC. You guys were excellent and I am using a few pointers that were given to me from you guys that day. I honestly am using one all the time and its helped me at times greatly. Thanks

Be sure to use the secret handshake when possible with all forum users.

Hey DJmisskittie,

can you swing me an email please

its mark the blue belt with the nipple ring


Wiley, I saw your pic at the SND store in Hamilton. You were looking at your opponent as if he stole your last sandwich. Eye of the Tiger man, Eye of the Tiger!

You have a nipple ring? Neat!!!!!!!

Mark...I sent you an e-mail, braza.

Hey Wiley,

Yup ... that was me (with Dom & Texas Joe). Glad you liked some of the techniques. I was surprised to see a Jiujitsu pic on the wall, but I remembered SND sponsoring liborio1's event. Then DJmisskittie told me that she trains and posts on here.

Small world.


Jay you missed a great night on the hills, the weather was perfect.

Man, I wish I had been there. Instead I was at work and was eating dinner with the kids and I heard a big crack. Instantly I realized one of my rear teeth broke BIGTIME. Now its an emergency trip into the dentist at 10:30am. I knew the weather and conditions were gonna be good. You guys were lucky