Attn Winnipeg dudes

For starters, Good Luck and Happy fighting to Joe Doerksen, who will be fighting in Hawaii on Friday.

Next thing, Dominic Blaise is having his stag at the Round Table on Pembina Hwy Thursday, April 15 at 10:30 pm.

So far, its just him and the groomsmen going, who are all from Montreal. We need some local boys there to show them to The Chalet or The Gentlemen's Club. I unfortunately cannot go. Jerin, Mark, Justin et al. you gotta pull up my slack.

The third thing is good luck to all the Winnipeg Crew going down to fight in Fargo this Saturday. That includes Marc-Andre and Alex's guys as well.

And finally Congrats to Dominic Blaise. While we're putting our bodies and reputations on the line this Saturday, he will be putting his life on the line. He is getting married to the very beautiful Eileen Ong; while I am getting beat up by the Norwegian Assasin.

And thats it.

And I'll be there with the videotape rolling! It's gonna be a huge night of fights!

Oh---and good luck to Dirte in Hawaii (lucky bitch gets to go surfin' an shit after tappin' some dude out).

Good luck to all the Peggers!

Let's go make it a clean Sweep!

Grant Tennant, Jason Vey, and Nathan Spence from Portage are all competing good luck to those guys.

Not sure who Alex's guys are, they are going to have to find a delegate to be on the forum so we can hear what's up with them lol Where do those guys train?

Looking forward to seeing all you international boys in action. Yourself, Gil, and Kristof are the 3 I know are fighting, any more guys?

Mark, are you taping all the fights?

The guys from Alex's club that are fighting that i know of are Mike Delgrosso and Ansar Amin. Both Mike and Ansar are tough as nails and love to brawl. Their fights will be very exciting, i can guarantee that. The international boys that are going down are gonna kick some ass. Chris is a killer.... this guy trains harder then anyone i have seen. I feel sorry for Matt Blue. Gill has been training hard for this fight as well. Hes gonna kick some hardcore ass. Jon Yim is fighting as well from international. He will put in a huge performance. Serge has been working hard on his striking so this should make for an exciting fight. And of course.... Joe Doerkson. Need i say more. Doerkson, as everyone knows is a warrior. He is gonna go to Hawaii and do what he does best.......hurt people. There is gonna be a huge winnipeg fan base going down to Fargo as well. Many guys from International are going and about 50 guys/girls are going for Delgrosso and Ansar.
Good luck to all winnipeg fighters...lets make it a clean sweep.

Glad to hear, thanks for the info.

I believe the international guys are going home afterwards, you guys hanging out and partying afterwards?

We're in for the after party big time.

I fight second, Glad to get mine out of the way so I can watch all the rest of the fights and cheer on our Winnipeg Compadres.

Looking forward to meeting all the Winnipegers down there.

Go Canada GO!

How many of us are fighting on the card?

Yeah I'll be taping the whole event.

I found out the other day I'll be staying overnight with some buds!


I'll be half drunk by fight 3!

Party on!


I'll have to do some serious catching up after the fights.

I'll make sure you get a copy of the fights for your guys to watch as well...just have to give me a mailing address.


I haven't drank forever, but just cause I was training, and not drinking, I can't wait to get my hands on a beer. Even if it is American!

That would be super appreciated if we could get a copy. I'm sure we will touch base down there, and I'll get you all my info.

ttt for the Great Canadian Sweep

Congratulations and I hope the wedding went well Dom.