ATTN: Yves Lavigne

Mr. Lavigne, when you have a moment, could you please e-mail me at

I just need some info regarding the QAC and reffing.

Dougie, please post pics to keep this at the top.

Thank you.

Hi canariofalante

You have mail

Yves Lavigne

Yves Lavigne best ref in the business!!

"Yves Lavigne best ref in the business!! "

Best hairstyle as well...;)

Correct and correct :)

For the record, if any current ref uses the tagline "Giddy Up" to start a fight in the upcoming months, I will hunt you down.


Best Ref for sure

Yves Lavigne once reffed a fight between myself and 3 hookers in a waste disposal bin.

I still say that fight should have been a majority decision.

I still don't know how those guys passed the blood tests.........

They weren't guys! I swear they were women!

Maybe now

What happens in Sweden stays in Sweden!

Just not the diseases