The purpose of the TV show would be to sell PPV's like WWE, right?

So why not have two 8 man tournys for the two vacant titles?

The LHW and HW titles are the biggest in the promotion right now and the LHW div is super popular.

The HW div is coming along. Andre/Tim is a pretty big fight for us hardcore fans. Mir and Cabbage will be waiting in the wings and new blood is coming in. Things are looking up in the HW div.

BJ has a whole new division to conquer since becoming king. The main problem the WW div can run into is if Charuto becomes BJ's "Chuck". Meaning Charuto starts knocking off BJ's top comp, ala Chuck and Tito.

So for the most part, those divisions are set.

The tourneys will give the divisions exposier, plus give the new fans a reason to tune in next week besides fights. It'll give them a story to follow like WWE.

We're going to watch anyway. Even if it's canned prelims that we've seen a million times.

Guys with a history will already be in the tourney, so you can build up their fights and there's so much talent out there, you could really make them 16 man tournys if you wanted to stretch it out even longer.

Then put the finals on ppv.

The weekly show has to be a commercial for the ppv.

If you make them 8 man you can have qualifiers like Pride.

MW Tourney

Lindland, Baroni, Almedia, Kang, Doerkson, Horn, Murray, Rivera, The Crow, Tanner, Weir, Vitali, Lister, Saku (if they ever send him over and he decides to cut a few lbs.), Henderson (if they can sign him), etc...

LW Tourney

Hermes, Yves, Thompson, Gomi, "Kid" (maybe), Sudo, Din, Uno, Pulver, Pequeno (maybe), Serra, Strebendt, Javi (i'm reaching), "Clete", Crane (if he's still fighting), Clementi, etc...

GP's for TV!!

Start the chants fellas.


There will be and Zuffa should jump all over this.

The veterans would get video packages and tons of highlights though.

yeah, I think the best Idea would be to have "B" level or "amateurs" with limited fights compete in this show for shots at the UFC, they could even do it in a regular or modified boxing style ring to test that Idea out, and see if the fight are better in a ring, and also to see if the crowd likes the idea!