Aussie MMA fighter handles two street punks in impressive fashion

This incident took place recently in Brisbane Australia.

Pro welterweight MMA fighter Viktor Lyall was minding his own business when he found two guys stomping another in an alley, and broke it up. The pair then relentless follow and harass the fighter, spurred on by a female friend of one of them, whose father is reportedly a bodybuilder.

How do we know this? Because she tells everyone.

What Happened

The altercation is a seminar in using distance management - not getting close enough to get him, while momentarily stepping into the pocket to hit back first. It’s also a seminar in situational awareness, never letting the second assailant get in position to sucker punch, something he was desperately trying to do. And it is a seminar in staying cool and controlling temper in the face of extreme and prolonged harassment.

“Not all heroes wear capes,” wrote Lyall’s friend, BKFC star Bec Rodriguez, who posted the video immediately below. She is absolutely correct.

Warning, the contains more profanity than Joe Pesci playing a Mafiosi.


Here’s a view from above.


The Aftermath

Lyall requests that there be no further steps taken against the two fools, and hopes that their global humiliation was sufficient.

“As they’re identifiable, I hope people can also respect the privacy of the aggressors and not ruin their livelihoods or whatever they do,” wrote the fighter. "Although the two males were together beating someone brutally, it was stopped. That video going viral is probably (hopefully) enough punishment for them. Please don’t harass.

“Ultimately, to me, it was just a bit of a tiff. They got plowed on. It happens. It’s good nobody got hurt.”

Lyall fights for Brisbane-based XFC, and trains at Brisbane’s Gamebred Academy, under coaches Ryan Dunstan, Simon Clough, and Jason Lonergan. Follow the hero without a cape on Instagram.

This was posted when it happened a few weeks ago, yesterday by Barry and now today again by you Kirik, get your shit together man.

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That dude was pretty calm the whole time I wanted red hoodie to get a solid wack though


if you’re going to say that sort of thing, try to make it funny, or you appear bitter and jealous

Well I’ll have you know bitter and jealous was what I was going for, for what ever reason.


Apologies man. Hopefully my take on it was a little different.

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You are not alone, I am thinking.

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Man, there’s always some fucking 5 foot girl spouting shit that almost universally ends up with her boyfriend getting sparked out. Guy kept his cool for as long as he could. It ended about as positive as possible for everyone.

And the little guy constantly shouting got away with everything, he knew exactly when to back off but his drunk friend didn’t.

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Bitches Get Stitches

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It was , but don’t do it again , this is your last warning.

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