Aussie Wrestling

Doco on SBS right now. Greed is good.

Did anyone else see this. It came across liek a home spun industry.

No, did you tape it?? was it any good?? any big names??

wrestling is very manly sport

how was it? who did they show??

It was interesting, but not real positive, although as a doco for the mainstream I thought it was pretty well done. The two wrestlers I can remember were 'Ox' and 'Mr. Damage', but they all came off as whiney, egotistical and insecure little men who truly think they're playing for real. Good viewing, but sad too...

Caught bits of it. Looked like shit.

I wouldn't argue with that assessment either... ;-)

I know the 3 main characters in that little docco. Con 'Mr Damage' is the owner of the security company I work for. Adrian 'The Ox' is a guy I work with at the POW. Bully 'The Brawler' used to work at the POW (before my time) but has since seen the light and has been training with us at extreme for about 12 months.

It was a docco about pro wrestling in melbourne. It was filmed over a period of 5 years (I guess it was a pet project done in their spare time on a shoe string budget). I saw the docco and believe me there will be some paying out to be had. :P

I have wrestled with all 3 of the characters in that docco. Bully is the best of them, but that I take it is because of his recent training in bjj and frestyle westling.

You have to remember, pro wrestling is based on real wrestling and submissions but is all for show. The object is not to injure of maim your oponent, it is to entertain them (ala the ego's, the costumes, the days of our lives esq plot twists).

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MMAFun: Obviously, they were friends of Brenden's. He has got the correct on their names.

Missed you too GGB :)

It was kinda inspiring. I mean there was a crowd, a ring, cheering and action. Kinda made me home sick.