Australasian Knockouts Female MMA

We are looking for Female MMA fighters to fight in our upcoming Australasian Knockouts Event in Auckland NZ on June 2nd.

The event will be a novice event so we are looking for girls that have had no more than 1 MMA fight.

Weight needs to be 60-68kgs.
This event is an 8 women tournament

We are only looking for girls from Australia and New Zealand. If you know any girls or you yourself are interested please send me a PM or email me at (remove the 9's)

Travel and Accomodation will be provided.

That kind of sounds dodgy. I don't think inexperienced MMA-ers should be entering into an 8 man (woman) tournament. That is like expecting a newby in boxing to go 12 rounds.

But then again didn't the UFC sort of start off in that way and also I have been to alot of Toughman boxing comps that were run the same way but then again they were only fighting 3x1min rounds and had 16oz gloves on.


The rules are modified to suit first timers

Interesting. Did you take out shots to the head on the ground?

Comparing this to the first UFC isn't really valid. The competitors were expected to at least be high level in their styles. And it really was quite brutal.

You have a point. Was a bit of a stretch there

Email sent.


I think punches on the ground are still in, but the bouts are to contested in the larger oz fairtex gloves. Also refs will be briefed to watch fighter safety, rounds shorter, a few other modifications too.