Australian Visa just came!!!!

Hey guys,

we got our final visa, we leave on May 3rd. I start work right away, and we are very exited. Thank you very much for all of your patience and support. I'll still be on here just at different times.

And all of my Oz friends, please email me

thanks again everyone

the rev

Big congratulations mate!

Look forward to seeing you again.


ps. The injuries are passing slowly, teaching privates out of my garage in Perth, probably 6 months away from real training myself. G

Sorry I just saw this Gerald. Will you be able to come see me in Melbourne?

I'll email you later.

the rev

*sniff* we'll miss you rev!

Awesome news!


are you teaching somewhere in melb?

good luck in footscray. (your still working in footscray yeah?)


We'll miss you. But Bradley be praised. Nothing but the best for you and your family

yes we will be living in footscray

thank bradley for me JM

the rev

Hey you know Pete and Fraser from Perth...they do BJJ in a Gracie based club, I think.


Here are some pics that were taken on Tuesday. John made one last appearance here at Millennia Jiu-Jitsu. The team that he started with Javier Vazquez and Romie Aram. It is sad to see him go, but it was great to see him one more time before he left.Here are some pics from Tuesday of John.TheComish

Good luck John

Just F'N go already! No one will miss your ugly ass. No, I'm not crying. There's something in my eye.


It's sad to see you go, but I hope the best for you and your family in Australia.