Australian wanting to train

hi everyone

i am a machado blue belt comming to canada for 6 weeks from dec 5......spending most of the time in london and toronto

just wondering if i could get a heads up on the training situation there....preferably MMA & BJJ

Thanks in advance

Try us, Wagnney Fabiano Jiu-Jitsu in Toronto, two world Class Black Belt instructors. Wagnney is attempting to qualify out of Brazil for the ADCC. World Champ Leo Santos might also be there for part of your stay ( that would give us three World Class Black Belts) , tons of training partners of all sizes gi or no-gi. We also offer some MMA, presently just one day a week. When Wagnney is back he teaches it ( he isthe TKO SLW WOrld Champ).

check out our Website for contact info and schedule.

Another great place is Kata which has Mark Bocek as its instructor (he trains and teachesout of our club also).

Josh welcome to come and try!!!

While in London:

Rebellion Jiu-Jitsu at

information at:

Wagnney just won the ADCC Brazilian Qualifier.

Joslin's is half way between London and Toronto and we have and Australian training with us now until Feb.

Joslins is very good. While your in Toronto.

Pack a winter jacket. Winter just showed up today.

Yeah come train with the Champ!!!

White Tiger BJJ
570 King St. E. #102 (portland and king)
downtown Toronto

Shah Franco MA,

Yonge & Lawrence (Midtown Toronto),


BJJ and MMA.

Bravado Jiu-Jitsu Academy (905)265-0950
We are located 15 minutes north of the airport. We are under Royler Gracie/David Adiv.

In London Team Tompkins

hey Cobras

any chance of you being from Acadamy of Mixed martial Arts in Perth ????

if You were... we were prob punching each other in the head

I was the canadian there almost 2 years ago...