Authority Figure-Please do not WELCH

The funniest part is that it was a $50 bet.


The dude was always talking about mid to high end watches, and made multiple threads super high end luxury men's cosmetic creams, lotions, etc.


For a dude that was living such a high life, can't believe a simple $50 sent him over the deep end. 

I can believe it.  Broke fucks always make excuses.  I got into a few fights in my younger days with them.

I wouldn't be surprised if he was a flea market watch buyer.

"Since I'm bumping Angry Rams Momma Titty thread" Bump

FETT_Loadin76_TFK -

"Since I'm bumping Angry Rams Momma Titty thread" Bump

Quality bump. 

I forgot about that guy. What a fucking loser

Nope.... keys aren't here either

He's with Wales, helping him look for the perfect Kevin Love jersey.

Haven’t bumped this in a while… wonder if he ever showed back up with a new SN lol

He’s back here with a changed SN . I asked him about it he says OP is lying and he paid…

It’s funny that simple statements like this can be said and it just gets believed without anyone asking for any shred of evidence.