Available 145ers? Northeast US?

Dear members,

I Would like to know of any experienced 145ers in Northeastern
US that would be available to fight MMA in Montreal, Quebec
(Canada) in 3 weeks (medicals already done or capable of getting
them done in short notice).

155lbers can also submit their info but priority is given to 145 lbs
fighters. Also, I mentioned Northeastern US, but if you are from
Midwest US or Central Canada, that would be good as well.

We need to find a replacement for an injured 145lb fighter and are
looking for a credible fighter with some experience. All
backgrounds and records (younger, older, seasoned or less
seasoned fighter) are welcome to submit info so don't be shy.

If you know someone or are a fighter looking for experience at
145 or 155lbs, post it here or better yet email us with your info or
questions at :


Please include :
Fight weight;
Record with details if possible;
Style (if particular style or strength)
Brief description of yourself;

Thank you very much!



This for the UGC card? Any fighters looking to make a name UGC is a great place to get going. they are getting better and better show after show.


TTT for Scott

Yes, this is for the UGC card in Montreal, March 6.

It's a 145lb title match.

Ivan Menjivar was set to face Curtis Brigham but Curtis was
recently injured.

There's gotta be someone at 145lbs looking for a shot at the
145lb title! Don't be shy and send us your info.

Please keep this ttt'd!

Thanks crazy hook! See you at TKO 15!




What kind of medicals do you need done? Just Physical, HIV and Hep?

Mr Lauzon,

HIV, Hep and EEG.

I believe there's also a general physical that is done before the
fight (weigh-ins). I will confirm with the promoter or commission.

you have mail! I can fight short notice.
I have been having some email trouble. If you don't receive it please try to email me at conspiracydna@cs.com or swiftnhbfighter@hotmail.com
Dan Swift




We still need someone!


this is all you!

Scott see you in Montreal man! any luck yet finding a fighter?

I have one guy who will rock your world! Drop me an email:


Renzo Gracie Association/ECJJF

TTT! This is an AMAZING opportunity!