Avellan Bros. Seminar Sunday @ NJ

The Avellan brothers conducted five seminars last year - each with great results and reviews."These guys are the best in the field. I got more from the seminar with the Avellan's than any one seminar I have ever attended. You will get more than your money's worth. If you go and don't learn something that can improve your game, I will kick my own ass!" - Bryan Baldwin, Purple Belt Instructor at Cross-Training Academy, NC This is a great opportunity to train with the head instructors of the FFA. Below is a brief intro: Marcos Avellan has over eight years of training and is a FFA black belt. Marcos has multiple grappling titles, in organizations such as NAGA and GQ – having competed all over the United States. He is one of the top ranked lightweight grapplers in the United States. David Avellan has over eight years of training and is a FFA black belt. David is the MVP of the FFA grappling competition team – racking up an impressive advanced grappling record of 40-8 versus the best grapplers in the country. David has many grappling titles in ADCC FL, NAGA, GQ, and other prestigious organizations. He boasts wins over some of the best names in the sport and is one of the best grapplers in the United States. If you have any questions, feel free to call the number on the poster above. Event DirectionsFrom Newark Airport: Get on 78 West. From 78 West go to 287 South. Then, take exit 13 (Promenade Blvd). Make a left onto Promenade Blvd. Follow winding road, you will see a Hilton hotel on the right, a Home Depot on the left and a Baseball stadium in front. At the light, make a right onto East Main Street. Once on East Main Street, you will see Public Storage on the right, about an 1/8 of a mile ahead make a right into the Industial Complex. If you passed a light you went to far. Once in complex, look for building 30E.

Marcos, did you get my e-mail?

Are you guys here yet?

Thanks guys, I'm typing this from the hotel computer.

Parrumpinha, thank you for the email, I appreciate it.