Average $$ for MT/BJJ Class?

Is $140 a lot for MT or BJJ Lessons in Canada?

$200 for both...

This seems REALLY high..

What's the AVG $$?

per week, per month, per year???? and what city? Who's teaching?? Private or class?

per month in avg. size city no-name black belt instructor $60 to $80 about right. Royce coming to your house - then a bit more.

That seems like a lot, 200 a month for both MT and BJJ. I pay half that for both with unlimited training when the club is open (our club rocks). Its hard to find a black belt to train under so maybe if the guy is a black belt then that might explain it.

Jason W

It's per month.

Depends if you want a ***** platinum location with gold bordered mats and soft leather pads ;) Then you'll shell out the dollars. On the other hand, some places make prison yards look plush, and charge next to nothing in the seedy part of town.

I think rene.r is really a prostitute.

"no-name black belt instructor"

excuse me, but aren't there something like only 5 black belts in Canada that are teaching bjj right now?

how does one become "No-name" in that situation?

Karma Martial Arts - BJJ unlimited programs has Thai
added in for no extra charge.
9 BJJ classes per week and four Thai classes per week

email kashk@hotmail.com for more details and price
info. Black belt instruction under Wagnney Fabiano

Be careful! Wagnney has ninja like sales skills. He sold me a gi before I knew it.

...granted he gave me an awesome price but that is beside the point.

He also sold me back my own car. What a nice guy.


Give us a call for prices at niagarabjj.ca/ new prices for unlimited classes!!! And we have a MT program and a cage being built!! No gold lined mats but we are getting new mats next week!!!


vince niagarabjj.ca

We have Black Belt BJJ instruction, Muay Thai, wrestling and a newly obtained boxing ring, and we don't charge anything near $200 for classes.

$100 is average

100$ a month? That's pretty high, is this for more than 5 classes a week?

140 for unlimited

Our highest monthly rate is $100 ( Karma Martial Arts in Toronto). Having been in the U.S. for a while I realize that our prices should be $50-75 more per month. If you can afford it, and the school you are talking about in montreal is GAMMA, yes they are worth it. To train under the best available instructor with, the best available people ( and this holds true for those of all levels and aspirations ), is worth the cost.

I heard Renzo's school in New-York was about 200$ a month (in U.S. dollars!!) that's expensive.

The school is not in montreal...in sask

Fateh makes me wash his car. He said that every BJJ student should wash their teacher's car. Is this true? I am beginning to suspect that maybe he might be yanking my chain like the time he told me that it was the student's responsibility to walk his teacher's Wife's cats on wintery days.

This school is in Saskatchewan Shinfly? Huh, must be in Saskatoon I guess. That's some expensive stuff. I was asking on my thread what the average price for a seminar is. Trying to decide if I want to spend 50 bucks to go to a three hour seminar, wasn't sure if that was expensive or not. However, after hearing that's it's 200 bucks a month in Sask, maybe 50 bucks for a seminar in Sask isn't to bad. It's sounding more and more reasonable.

$200/month seems quite expensive.we offer $70/month for wrestling and sambo, 6x/week.