Average height and reach for top 10

Well.....11, since we will include the champ of each division. Going off of UFC's rankings, not anybody elses. Used Wiki for heights with occasional backup verification from Sherdog. I am sick as fuck right now and super bored, so here we go for some useless ass info!

Average height:

HW: 6.23 ft (Champ is 5'11, the tallest is Volkov at 6'7, the shortest is Hunt at 5'10) Average reach is 78.13

LHW: 6.16 ft (Champ is 5'11, the tallest is Gus at 6'5, the shortest is Ilir at 5'10) Average reach is 76.95

MW: 6.08 ft (Champ is 6', the tallest is Stylebender at 6'4, the shortest is Kelvin at 5'9) Average reach is 75.13

WW: 5.94 ft (Champ is 5'9, the tallest is Magny at 6'3, the shortest is RDA at 5'8). Average reach is 74

LW: 5.78 ft (Champ is 5'10, the tallest is Vick at 6'3, the shortest is a 4 way tie at 5'9 for Lee, Porier, Alvarez, McGregor, the tallest is Vick at 6'3) Average reach is 72.9 

FW: 5.64 ft (Champ is 5'11, the tallest is a tie with Holloway the champ and Moicano at 5'11, the shortest is Edgar at 5'6)  Average reach is 69.72 

BW: 5.46 ft (Champ is 5'6.5, the tallest is Cruz at 5'8, the shortest are a tie with Dodson and Lineker at 5'3) Average reach is 64.13

FLY: 5.40 ft (Champ is 5'3, the tallest is Moreno at 5'7, the shortest is the champ at 5'3) Average reach is 66.18

I was just thinking that the UFC needs to have height restrictions per weight class.

It’s funny that the 145 champ is same height as heavyweight and 205 champs, taller than 170 and 155, almost same height as 185 and in no other weight class is the tallest dude the champ. 

The difference between LHW  and HW is not very much outside of few outliers. Obviously anybody 6’7 like Volkov is gonna be at HW

mada -

Old kick boxing matches would list everything like chest size, waist size, biceps, thighs. I thought it was interesting and I wish the ufc would give more info

At a minum I want to see cage weight on the tale of the tape. I wonder why they dont do it

Struve is the tallest at heavy 

Oops I forgot top10

Yeah my point was to see how much the weight classes varied in height and reach for the top fighters, and there really isn’t a glaring difference until further down the list. Then to see if the anomalies actually did better. In almost every case, the answer was no lol. Holloway being exception BUT he cant even make the weight in his class, so that’s not good.

Im the avg height of a LW with the reach of a FW(5’8”, 69” reach)

also, crazy that fly has a higher avg than BW

The Closed Guard -

Im the avg height of a LW with the reach of a FW(5’8”, 69” reach)

also, crazy that fly has a higher avg than BW

what else interesting is the CSAC pre fight weights from the other night had Cejudo and MM weighing the same as Garbrandt. Dillasnake had 7 lbs on them. Not as dramatic of a difference as people make it out to be between those weigh classes.