avocado sashimi. u shud try it!

seriously good stuff. good energy food b4 workout!

slice and put shoyu and sesame oil on top = ono!

Is that Home made?

I like to buy my food. it tastes better for some reason.

Damnit...now I'm hungry again.

actually, that avo, marcus from health cove gave me from his stash. :)

FCTV- is all you do is eat all day or what? Man I need to come hang out
with u!! ;-)

Hold on, I should have said : do u eat all day long and pick up on chicks
in restraunts!! lol

*man what have I done wrong in life! :-(

you got most of it right. eat yes. pick up on chix. no, more like get shut down by chix--always. oh man

Marcus is the man!

I'll have to tell you about when we were vibing the other day.

did you know that he used to be a "Suit"?
before he opened DHC 4 years ago.....

before I forget, TTT for Mark introducing this place to the masses.

but seriously, that fahkah better start comping some mana bowls already. wtf. i don't drink awa goddamnit. makes me nutz

If you want some of the best poke on the island, you need to come to the
country and go to Kuhuku superette across from the high school, best Ahi
Poke I've ever tried!!

really? i've been there. a bit out of the way, but i will try. next time i have a cute mainland tourist chic that wants a tour? could be as soon a next week. oh man?

see, "cute mainland chick" you are the man.... Food and chick!!!!! Love ur

off topic. you think any of your guys at north shore jj wanna post here? you have any fighters there?

trust me there are alot of lurkers on here from NSBJJ.. They just have the
balls to post yet! lol

faggotry!@!@??!?!?!? (just kidding--don't mob me pls)

pfft. i aint eating no damn vegetables.

especially all by itself.

put those things in the center of a 3lbs meatball and i mite think about it.

you should try it. good stuff. wash it down w/ katsu later.