Awesome flooring system

Tired of getting banged up from getting thrown or taken down on thin mats over a concrete floor?

Check this out:

The place I train at currently used a tire floor system which worked well, but this system gives more uniform results for a cheaper cost.

After you set up the floor, it doesn't really matter as much about how thin the mats are over the flooring, for the spring-foam system takes most of the shock!

Eric Paulsons spot does something similar -- it's great for throws.

if you do not overlap the floor with a second layer of plywood that does not have the same join/seam lines then the floor is good from crap and the corners will cave in, leaving huge holes in your mat.

the foam springs will also settle and get pounded on a lot. they will not hold form in the areas that are take the beating most. youll notice the little used edges are in better shape than the often used center in a very short period of time. foam does not bounce back. it breaks down, period.

that's why the tire system is better. you dont ever have to re-do it. it's down, it's done.

Josh what's the tire system?

No disrespect to Joshua, I am sure his comments are based on true

But, my old Judo school has an ethafoam "spring" floor covered with swain
type tatamis just like the one described (the "spring" floor came from a
gymnastics school that closed down). This floor has only a single layer of
plywood (but connected underneath I think), and it is absolutely
AWESOME. Best mat in town, and it has held up like a champ for well more
than a decade. I love this mat system. For standup throws, you just can't
beat it!

I agree with Rsparks. We've had a tire system at the dojo before they moved and this system seems a lot more solid and just as easy to fall on.