AWESOME! Ninja in the GP!

When asked by Tatame if there would be a Chute Box representative in the Pride HW GP, Rudimar said:

"We have already chosen who our representative will be. It will be Murilo Ninja. He is training very hard and will take out everyone. We want him to be ready at a weight of 105 kg (231 pounds). Right now he is already weighing 100 kg (220 pounds). He'll be ready to deliver some beatdowns."

This should make for some very exciting fights.


He will lose.....badly..

didn't he used to fight in brazil at like 180? that's alot weight to go up.

hes gonna look like a pregnant man at 230, i bet he'll still kick some ass tho

I like Ninja, but considering his body type at this point, I don't see him being in that much better shape at all at HW. He could beat some of the participants potentially, but the top contenders will smash him.


fedor, mino, mirko..

he might beat herring, tho

I would love to see a Ninja/Sperry rematch.


230 lbs??? Wow. He might be able to win a match or two, depending on the brackets, but he's a little bit outmatched in the HW division.

He always looks fat

"He always looks fat"

I wouldn't say fat, but he definitely doesn't outwardly appear to have the amazing stamina that he does. What makes people think that gaining weight will do that much to his cardio? Even if he does look like Cabbage, he's likely to kick some serious ass. Go Ninja!

Rapid 25 pound weight gain I wonder what types of "supplements" one resorts to when doing that.

This news is pretty dissapointing as I was hoping to see Silva in the GP, best of luck to Ninja but I think he (and Silva for that matter) is outmatched against the top teir HWs.


Ninja is fucking awsome; he will suprise a lot of people no matter who he faces. I would like to see him fight Nog.

LOL@people saying he'll do steroids.

This sucks. He's going to get smashed.

we dont know all fighters yet, so how can you say he will get smashed?

"the same "supplements" wanderlei is a blatant user of."

Or maybe he'll *gasp* do it naturally. Sometimes i think this forum must be a bunch of scrawny 130 lb. guys who couldn't gain a pound of muscle without 1g of test a week. Ninja seems to be the type that can put weight on very easily (endomorph?) and not just gain a big gut. As opposed to Vanderlei, Ninja can probably pack muscle on pretty quick with alot of calories and weight training.

And Ninja knows his strength. It's his stamina. I'm not sure if bulking drugs like test and d-bol are gonna be a big help there. Ninja will only beat heavyweights by fighting at a pace they just can't keep up with, not by muscling them around. If he were to use steroids (which are legal in his country so who gives a shit anyway?), it'd be better for him to use if he was cutting weight to compete at 185. That way he doesn't lose any muscle or strength while dropping weight.

lol @ some of that Marzz stuff :)