Awful gameplanning tonight?

Marcus Davis has Stephens BADLY hurt and instead of KOing him, clinches and tries to take him down. Jeremy recovers and KOs him brutally.

Gomi spends most of the fight unable to get close to Guida because Clay moves away when Gomi tries to hit him. When he stuffs takedowns and has Guida backed into the fence, Gomi backs off rather than punching. Gets choked out.

Vera lands great shots standing, seems to have a clear advantage on the feet. Repeatedly initiates clinch up through the final round despite EVERY clinch ending with him on his back getting beat up. Gets destroyed and his face rearranged.

I only watched the Gomi fight because I was rooting for him, but when I saw him back off an obviously intimidated Guida after the clinches, I became quite apathetic to the result.

Edgar is one of the few guys who has a plan and can stick to it.