Awww (pic)

Sorry if it's been posted before:

damn they look the same today as they did then

fedor looks a bit skinny. lol i think i could take him back then

Fedor kind of looks like a jerk.

man, they haven't changed at all

lol...thats awesome, I've never seen it

Fedor knew he was better than you even at that age!

Alex looks like a stoner even back then.

great pic

Stone cold killas!


Alex would have been the perfect kid to star in the Omen movie. Spooky lookin little bastard.

Aleks Looks bigger than Fedor back then!

lol, that is the exact same look Fedor has on his face before every fight.

lol.. that kid grew up to be a guy with a tattoo of grim reaper holding a baby.

lol awesome find

I'm real mommy!

lol great pic

I didn't know they let russian's into the Hitler Youth