AXC "Planning next show in Bama"

Back in Cullman home of Alabama biggest MMA show date coming very soon like right now lol March 31.

why did you write "lol" in the middle of the sentence? Did a 13 year old girl write this/

Congrats on bringing another bum fight to Alabama Ray. Can I offer a piece of advice?

As a person who works in the media. Next time you do an interview on TV, dress like an adult, not an 18 year old "bro" at the bar.

Instead of the Affliction Bro Cross shirt, perhaps a normal adult shirt?

For the love of god, dress like you are representing a business, not like you are going out to drink Jaegger Bombs and hit on bar skanks.

Alabama's biggest show?  You crazy. 

I had bigger shows at the smoking moose, lol. Talk about bum fights. Phone Post


Can't wait until Ray hits the local Krystal for their free Wi-Fi and logs back on.

If krystals had lasers it would be the ufc of fast food places. Phone Post

a smoke machine would also help take it the next level.

two homeless guys fighting in the parking lot for a bottle of MD 20/20 and a hit of meth would be like the MGM Grand.

I think clairday did that at hooters already Phone Post

hahaha, probably.

Robert and Ray's backyard brawl and BBQ.

raffle tickets for a contest where the two fattest men eat as much pulled pork as they can and then fight. First one to vomit, loses.

^^^Ray's idea of "The UFC of Alabama"


Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!!! Live from the parking lot at the Grub Mart in Hartselle, AL. It's the ALUFC. BYOB and STFU KKM. Phone Post